Things to do to protect your bank account,WhatsApp and facebook from hackers

Things to do to protect your bank account,WhatsApp and facebook from hackers.In an era where information and communication technology has decreased our world to a global village,where ideas,knowledge and transaction can be achieved seamlessly……without geographical regulation or hindrances.little did we understand that,this developments would be fulfilled with brute force and fraudulent attacks,from the activities of account hacker and internet frauds star.

With all these in mind however,there are various facts we can take,to fully maintains our online accounts from the preying eyes of these cyberpunks.

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And just as promised above in this article,the following under listed stages can be taken to protect your facebook,whatsapp and bank accounts details alike;

1.Facebook:-Just go to your Facebook account settings, hit on it,and scroll down to security and login,scroll to use two factor authentication,click on it and then fill in the informations,after this,a code will be sent to your phone number….and this is your anti-hackers code,then kindly save this code and never disclose it to anyone
2.For your Whatsapp:-Click on the 3 dots at the right hand corner or side of your Whatsapp account,scroll down to settings,then click on it,scroll again down to account,and click on it,then scroll down to two stage verification and click on it.Again scroll down to activate,and you will be instructed to give your private code.This is it,and do make sure the code is kept secret to yourself.


3.Mobile Banking:-For those on mobile banking platform with your registered bank transaction or notification number, there is need to put a PIN on your phone.i.e Your mobile banking number,otherwise your account can be hacked with all your hard earned saving wiped out within few seconds.This is particularly more difficult when you lost your phone (stolen).Now to protect your money in your bank account,kindly follow these simple steps below;

a.Go to your phone “setting”.

b.Then go to (Location and security setting” on your phone.

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c.Then go to “Sim card lock”.

d.Click on ” Lock sim card”.

e.Now put your mobile number “default sim card pin”.



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