This is what You have to know about New Npower Biometrics News For Stream 2

Remember that there was an update a few months ago about stream 2 shortlisting for biometric verification, and most of you did record your fingerprint at the time?

However, Npower acted quickly and halted the exercise, claiming that the change in biometrics verification was only for the stream 1 supplementary list, but that most of the stream 2 awaiting applicants had already completed their biometrics fingerprint capture because their verification status had also changed.

Nonetheless, on the 14th of May 2022, Npower released a new update claiming that they have started the Shortlisting process stream 2 and urged Npower applicants to restart Biometrics capturing, which had been placed on hold a few months before.


Because most of you had previously completed the biometrics capture, you will see that your fingerprint has already been collected when you go to the verification status on your Nasims dashboard. If this is the case, there’s no need to fear or get fired up; it simply implies you’ve completed your biometrics and don’t require recapture.

Regardless, if you applied for Npower and were not shortlisted for stream 1, or if you were not previously successful for stream 2 biometrics verification, please check your verification application progress on the Nasims dashboard https://nasims.goving.

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You might get lucky this time, and if you’ve already captured your biometrics fingerprints for stream 2, there’s no need to do it again.

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