Happy weekend guys. While you are settling down in camp, I thought I should share with you some scams associated with NYSC which you should not fall victim to.

While I admit that there are legit plugs relocation, a lot of guys out there are just looking for people to defraud. At this point in time where many have been deployed to states they don’t like, different adverts will spring up about getting you redeployed to any State you want. Be careful!

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Promise of Employment
Some unrepentant scammers send out personalized false SMS to corps members telling them that recruitment is going on in big oil firms like AGIP and they want to help you from the inside. This is an age-long scamming format that still lands victims. The details of potential victims are copied from the NYSC yearbooks which helps them mention names individually in their messages. Do not fall for this!

Sex for favors
Female corps members are the victims here. There will be a promise of favorable PPA posting or relocation at the orientation camp mostly by soldiers and other camp officials. This promise of good posting makes ladies give in to sexual demands. Two seconds pant don fall. This is a scam you shouldn’t fall for. If you do, you will be devaluing yourself and becoming just another used otondo.

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There you have it. Enjoy the orientation camp and you an eventful service year ahead.

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