Twitter Ban – A Defect To The Livelihood of Vibrant Nigerians

It is actually not new to a lot of persons all over the world that the usage of Twitter has being banned indefinitely in Nigeria, by the Nigeria Government. The banning of the social media platform is actually as a result of the Nigeria President’s tweet and video that was deleted from the platform.

According to Twitter, the tweet of President Muhammadu Buhari goes against the rules and regulations of the platform, as it imposes threats to a body in the southeast region of Nigeria called IPOB.

For the fact that other social media platforms exist and weren’t banned, most persons can still carryout similar activities done on Twitter via the rest similarly related platforms. But majority of persons has already gone far with their dealings on Twitter.

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From record, Twitter occupies the tenth (10th) position on the ranking of most used website/social media platforms in Nigeria. This therefore means that majority of Nigeria carryout business transactions using the platform, of which the ban will made many of such person(s) lose their source of livelihood.

Without doubt, just like Alexa ranking quoted, majority of Nigerians took the social media platform as their online home/office to carryout most dealings, hence it occupies the 10th position among other social media platforms/websites. Those that makes use of it includes the very government that ban it, companies, politicians, youths among others.

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If one should properly check Nigerians on social media, most persons hustle with their handles on twitter to market their products, investment and any form of dealings they are into, as long as they make income from it. That is to say, the youths who are selfemployed and unemployed, Doctors, Farmers, Lawyers, Teachers, Freelancers, including social media influencers make end meets with Twitter.

Painfully, since the platform has being suspended by the Government who campaigned through it before getting into power, the rate of unemployment among Nigerians who solely depends on it will be on the rise.

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But for the fact that the Government promise to create one hundred million (100,000,000) jobs for Nigerians withing the duration of ten (10) years, there is hope that something good will come the way of affected Nigerians whose livelihood has been trampled on.

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