we’ll need your Call-Up Number for it, that is, your Green Card.

immediately after your online registration, we’ll need your Call-Up Number for it, that is, your green Card.

REDEPLOYMENT BASED ON DG DIRECTIVE: You’ll be Redeployed back to your preferred state from Camp or after Camp, after you’ve been posted to a far State, you don’t need Medical Report to process this since we will be working it for you.

REDEPLOYMENT BASED ON HEALTH GROUND: This is the one you will be using the Medical Report for, you will obtain redeployment form in Camp and attach the Medical Report to it and submit.

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Reasons why you need Direct Posting and Redeployment by us

I could not see my preferred state during the Online Registration

You need Direct Posting to get to your preferred state of choice_

You are not sure of being posted to your choice of state despite the fact that you picked it during registration

You Need Direct Posting to calm your nerves_

My parents said the states I chose are too far and they don’t like them.

You need to apply for Direct Posting_

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I’m married but not Legally Married, or I have a baby out of wedlock and the baby is still very young

You need Direct Posting to be in your state of residence._

I’m already working in a particular state and I want to save my job

You Need Direct Posting to save your Job_

many other reason(s) that’s best known to you….

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