What to do when scammers contacted you

Internet fraudsters, defrauders or “Yahoo Yahoo boys and girls” as it is been called in Nigeria is now many in the country.
These people are criminals who impersonates other people to obtain access to your properties or money. All you need is to be very clever so that they don’t play you.Do these things  when scammers contacted you

1. Do not pick calls from unknown numbers

if circumstances warrants you to pick a call that is unknown, don’t be too forward, relax and hear out what the person wants to talk and be very observant, do not leak out any of your privates data to the person like your bank details, PIN, BVN number and Credit Card number.

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2. Be careful, let your brain be working

There are some scammers who tries to pretend to be bank officials to get access to your account, know the time and day that the person is calling. A bank staff will never call you during weekends or evening period. It is rare for a bank official to call but if situations warrants them to call, don’t give out any of your informations to them, even if they ask don’t answer them, the safest way to deal with bank issues is to go to the bank yourself to lodge complains.

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3.Do not hesitate to cut the discussion off

Once the scammer keeps bothering you or cutting ways just for you to leak out your information, please do not hesitate to press the red button and cut the discussion off, these people uses charm sometimes so you have to be very vigilant. We’ll not fall victim of them o.

4. Don’t expect something at where you didn’t invest

There are several cases whereby these defrauders will send messages to you telling you you’ve won a Generator, TV, Fridge or even money, don’t be too delighted when scammers contacted you,did you take part on any give away or quiz that you’re winning gifts. Don’t look for free things, nothing is free. Shine your eyes.
The word is sufficient for the wise, do well to like and share to your precious ones, family and friends.

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