Where to get Quick Soft Loans in Nigeria (2021)

Here we shall look at the list of top companies in Nigeria where to get quick soft loans.


Unexpected or unplanned expenses may come up any time or everyday. If you not an Aliko Dangote or Mike Adenugu? Solving such becomes a herculean task.

In an unstable and not reliable economy like the one Nigeria has, what becomes of one in such condition? Well, there exist ways that are not so popular.

Apart from asking friends and family to “come through”, there are soft loans for people in such condition, especially for salary earners and business owners in urgent need of cash.

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What is soft loans

Soft loans sometimes known as quick loans are typically loans from financial institutions at a below market rate. They are mostly granted without collateral and involve sometimes very simple process.

Below are top soft loans companies in Nigeria.

1. Specta

This is one of the most efficient and fastest soft loans company in Nigeria. Application process can take as little as five minutes with fund disbursement within an hour. This financial company can borrow as much as five million.

2. C24 Limited

This is also a very reliable soft loans company and has a very flexible repayment package for borrowers. It is also a digital platform so any body with Internet access can use the platform.

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3. Quick Check

This platform attends for individuals in need of less than a hundred thousand naira. The process takes within thirty minutes with disbursement of cash within an hour. The platform is digital so it requires just a smartphone and internet access.

4. Pay Later

Just like the name suggests, Pay later offers soft loans to Nigerians especially salary earners and business owners. Soft loans of about five hundred thousand naira can be given and funds disbursed in one to three days. Like others, it is also a digital platform.

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5. Kia kia

The name “kia kia” is a Yoruba word that loosely translate to “quickly” in english language. Kia kia like others is a digital platform so funds disbursement are quick. Kia kia also allows individuals to invest in loans with hope of interest returns.

While they exist other loan platforms, it is important to note that these loans come with interest and it may be a good option when used correctly.

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