Why google is paying bloggers and how you can join


Why google is paying those that have a blog and how you can join. If you are paying attention to the web or just modern culture, you must have possibly heard of ” Blog”, short for Web Logs.A blog is virtually just a website that’s composed by the user of the blog.

A person who developed a blog called a Blogger and the main purpose of a blog is to share ones innermost thoughts and it can also be used to share any kind of information.

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Blogging used to be a something for people who are technically willing, but with time it began getting easy to create a blog.

There are three important blogging services that nearly anyone can use.

Blogger dot com and AOl-Hometown are both free to use.

Blogger dot com, which is possessed by Google, is the leading blogging site.

It just underwent a relaunch to make it simpler to use.

So if you want to create a blog, simply visit Blogger dot com and follow the education on the site on how to create a blog.
It very easy to establish a blog, the only hard part is if you want to add some things that will make your blog to look very wonderful.

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Now let me say why Google is paying those that owns a blog.

The private lies in various online advertising programs and the most popular one is  Adsense program.

The purpose why Google is paying those that owns a blog is because the bloggers enlisted Google program called “AdSense”.

It works by Google serving their advert on your blog and if somebody visit your blog and click on those advert, Google will pay you $0.50 per click.

Generating an AdSense account is as simple as creating an online account on any other website.

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To create Google AdSense account, go to google. Com/AdSense.

After you must have seen the AdSense website address, you will understand everything that has to do with earning money with a blog.

If you experience anything that you don’t understand in the process of creating an Adsense account, you can always contact Google.



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