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Top 5 Worst Enemies of Nigeria | Buhari’s Nightmares

Ever since the creation of Nigeria, it’s from one problem to another. In this article, we shall look at Top 5 worst enemies of Nigeria. Most of the people listed here are activists who wanted a better life, but they are being considered as enemy of Nigeria. Top 5 worst enemies of Nigeria 1. Omoyele […]

List of Top 5 Richest Igbo Men in Nigeria

Top 5 richest igbo men in Nigeria.

The Igbo people are the most successful and dominated ethnic group in Nigeria. They occupy the South Eastern part of Nigeria. In this post, we shall look at the list of top richest Igbo men in Nigeria. There is a unique thing about an average Igbo man, which is the spirit of business and productivity. […]

10 Youngest Billionaires in Nigeria (2019)

10 youngest billionaires

In this article, we will profile youngest billionaires in Nigeria – vibrant youths who are holding their own in a competitive world. Thousands of young Nigerians are breaking the bearers of poverty, rising from harsh backgrounds to financial stardom within Nigeria and elsewhere. A good number of these adventurous characters have established multimillion dollar companies, […]