Data Entry Jobs in Nigeria to make money from Home

Data entry jobs in Nigeria to make money online from the comfort of your home

top 10 data entry jobs

There’s a lot of online jobs you can do to make money online from the comfort of your home.

Most of these jobs carry out specific functions which contributes to the growth of the company.

One of such jobs is known as data entry. In this post, I’ll show you top data entry jobs in Nigeria to make money from the comfort of your home.

Data entry has to do with information. This information is usually about the company’s mode of operation and other business transactions carried out within and outside the company.

What is data entry job?

Data entry involves inputting, storing or recording information into a computer program or file.

This information are been kept for reference purposes, to safeguard the company or to keep track of it’s customers.

Such duties might involve recording the names, addresses and emails of the company’s clients.

This type of work can be done anywhere and in any part of world like United States, UK, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, and so on.

You don’t need an office to start this work.  You can do it from your house or at any convenient place with your computer.

A lot of companies employ people to work for them as a data entry operator, and the pay you for working for them.

However, you need to be extremely careful when dealing with data entry companies because not all of them are genuine.

There are many scammers out there that will never pay you after doing the work. Also, you don’t need to pay for anything nor purchase any software in order to work.

So, be wary of those that ask people to pay registration fee or purchase software.

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As a data entry operator, you can earn few amount of money; $20 – $40 per hour depending on the company.

Requirements for data entry work

The basic requirement for a data entry job are your computer, a very good internet connection, knowledge and use of the internet (search engine) properly.

Being able to write, understand and communicate in English language is essential.

Another thing is your typing skill, the accuracy and speed at which you type in order to accomplish a task and earn a considerable amount of money.

Top 10 data entry jobs to make money from home

Below are the list of best authorized online data entry jobs you can engage in from the comfort of your home and earn money;

1. Job advertising websites

2. Micro Workers

3. The Smart Crowd

4. AccuTran Global

5. Scribie

6. Working Solutions

7. Freelancer

8. Upwork

9. Amazon’s Mechanical Turk (MTurk)

10. Clickworker

The amount you make depends on the company you work for and the number of job you are able to finish. See the highlights of 10 top data entry jobs below;

1. Job advertising websites

There are various job websites such as jobberman, Career24 and so on.

This website advertise data entry job. You can visit any of this sites and search for data entry jobs.

You can also create a profile with them to keep you updated on any data entry jobs available.

2. Micro Workers

Some people or companies are in need of workers to work for them. So, they offer job opportunities to people who will work from their home.

Micro Worker provides a platform for people to search for employers that offers data entry job.

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For you to be able to search for employers just visit their site, register with them in order to have access to search for companies that provide data entry jobs.

3. The Smart Crowd

This company requires that you undergo and pass a typing test in order to work with them.

Once you pass this test they hire you. You work for them and they pay some amount of money.

This company is a branch of Lionbridge which offers data entry jobs.

4. AccuTran Global

The kind of job this company renders is quite different from other data entry jobs.

Though most of the jobs look similar to data entry jobs. They render transcription jobs ( the acts of making record especially an audio record).

They employ people from any where in the world to work for them and they pay per word.

Just imagine how much you will make from this. Visit their website and click the apply button to be a member and start earning.

5. Scribie

This company also offer data entry job which is quite similar to a transcription job but the mode of operation is different.

Once you register with them and become part of their community, you commence work with them.

The work is to listen to audios and rewrite it in form of text. The company pays you for your services.

6. Working Solutions

This company based its operations in the U.S but they employ people from anywhere in the world for data entry jobs.

No matter where you are in the world at home you can register and start working with them.

7. Freelancer also offers data entry jobs. You can decide to work as a freelancer or engage in data entry jobs to earn money.

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Clients are always looking for freelancer to work for them. To register with, visit their website and starting earning.

8. Upwork

Performs micro jobs such as data entry and freelancing. Upwork create a bridge between freelancers and employers which enables both the employer and a freelancer to work together on a project over some period of time usually on a contract or part time.

Before you start any task you can view the details of the task, its requirements and the amount you will get at the end ( depending on the employer offering the job).

It is left for you to choose which work to execute.

9. Amazon’s Mechanical Turk (MTurk)

This is a data entry job in Nigeria that provides opportunity for people to perform and accomplish a specific piece of work for a specific fee.

Such work is the data entry job which is quite different from other data entry jobs.

Their mode of payment is different from the others though it is manageable.

10. Clickworker

An authorized online company that hires a large number of people to complete a task. One of this task involves data entry jobs.

To apply for the job all you need do is register with them. For every task you complete, you get paid.

You can decide to carry out a particular task or choose another one by viewing the amount you will receive for the task.

These are the best data entry sites you can register with and earn money online from the comfort of your home.

Though the amount you will earn depends on the company paying you and quite a number of them pay well.

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