How To Send Money To Nigeria With TransferWise

Are you seeking for a means to transfer money to Nigeria without delay? If yes, ‘TransferWise’ is the best option for you. In this post, you will learn how to use TransferwWise to send money to Nigeria without a delay.

Gone are those days when it was so stressful to send money to Nigeria, where you have to undergo several processes to complete a transaction.

Before now, your money will have to pass through Moneygram, Western Union or other transfer agents.

If these transfer agents proves difficult, you have to give your money to someone coming to Nigeria to help you.

That’s not the end, the receiver will begin another missionary journey to claim ownership of the money that you sent.

All these stress are no more when you use TransferWise. By using TransferWise you can easily send money to Nigeria straight into the receiver’s account without stress and palaver. This way, the recipients don’t need to worry or to move about to claim money.

What is TransferWise all about?

TransferWise is UK company launched in 2011. It is an online money service that is available and recognised worldwide.

You can send money to Nigeria from any part of the countries of the world via TransferWise without difficulty.

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Presumably, a distinguishable thing about Transferwise is its inexpensive system compared to a bank. The truth is that using TransferWise to send money has shown to be more cheaper than a normal bank. They accomplished this by using two local transfers instead of one international transaction, one local.

The company has grown to be the cheapest, fastest, trusted and dependable means of sending money.

It was first publicly recognised when renowned American born billionaire, Richard Branson, founder of virgin group made known his interest to invest in the company.

Benefits of doing transaction with TransferWise

There are many good things to gain when you use Transferwise to send money across Nigeria.

TransferWise makes use of real time exchange. Google and other sources uses this same rate. No short changing involved.

The money you send to Nigeria is delivered straight into the recipient’s bank account within 24hours. 25% of your transfers are credited within minutes without delay.

Admittedly, TransferWise is basically easier and cheaper in sending cash to Nigeria than banks and other means of money transfer.

Transferwise has more than 3million users in the world. Just like the UK bank, TransferWise is regulated by the financial conduct authority.

How to use TransferWise to send money to Nigeria

The following step are ways you can get started with Transferwise. Complete these steps to be able to send money to Nigeria with TransferWise.

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1. Generate a Free Account

The First step to get started with Transferwise is to open a Free account with Transferwise. CIick here to Sign up.

Creating an account with TransferWise is free. It is only the sender that can create an account to send money, the receiver does not need to have an account before receiving money.

At a point you may be prompted to do a verification. It is easy and takes a maximum of 2days, that shouldn’t be a problem though it is not often required.

2. Fill in the Details of Your Recipient

After you have signed up, you are good to go. You can send money to any persons you wish e.g, friends, family, acquaintance, business partner as well as yourself (if you have a Nigerian bank account which you wish to deposit some cash). All you simply need to do is to fill in the details of your recipient.

The receiver does not need to open a TransferWise account to receive money. You just have to provide the account number of your recipient and his details. As Simple as that.

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3. Transfer Payment

You now pay for the transfer you made. It is an easy process. You can choose from the many options for method of payment.

So, you can either pay with credit or debit card or pay via local bank transfer. Other options are available depending on your location where the money is being sent from.

It is recommended that you pay with credit or debit card if you want your money to be sent fast and quick.

This is because local bank transfer may delay the funds from getting to TransferWise for them to send your money across to your recipient.

4. Chill and Wait

It is done. Your recipient is ready to receive your money. A payment notification can be sent immediately to your recipient if you provide his/her email address. If you are ready to send money, Click here now to start.

NB: you can also request your relative or client staying abroad or outside Nigeria to send money for you through your TransferWise account when you open a Free TransferWise account.

Finally, TransferWise is fastest, easiest, and cheapest means to send money to Nigeria from overseas. Thank you.

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