Top Money Making Apps to Make Money from Your Phone

These days our mobile phones can do a lot more than we had never imagined. In this post, we will show you top money making apps to make money from your mobile phones.

The world is becoming more globalize as new inventions are taking over the world economy. We can just complete a little task and make money online using our cell phones.

Many of us are happy to own a smartphone with little or no knowledge of its usefulness.

For example, when we talk of android phones what comes to most people’s mind is chat, Play music, take photos, download and watch videos and other minor operations.

Nevertheless, there are some apps you can download on your phone to make money.

Money making apps are downloadable applications on Google Play store or apple store with the usability to work from where you are and get paid; complete task to get reward and make money.

We will like to let you understand that there are many money making apps online which pay depending on the type of task carried out.

For example, Opay App, Uber App, Taxify App etc. These apps may pay higher due to the physical activities involved.

But money realised from other apps where you are given a task to finish may be lower compared to some apps like the ones mentioned above.

Opay App, Uber App, Taxify App etc. require a motorcar or other means. In this post we are looking at apps that allow you generate money with your phone.

So, unlike some other apps, it is just your phone and internet service that you need to make money for yourself.

A list of money making apps for iPhones, window phones and android phones are provided below.

Android phone seems to be the phone that is most widely used, for that reason we have provided some access links on Google Play store where you can download these apps.

If your phone is an iOS or window phone you can search and download them in the app store.

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Top Money Making Apps to Make Money from Your Phone

Below is the list of top apps to make money on your mobile phones,:

1. Lucky Day

Top Money Making Apps to Make Money from Your Phone

This is an app where users play raffle games, scratcher, and lotto for a chance to win money. If you love playing lotto then this app is for you.

They give opportunity for users to make up to $100,000 jackpot which you can cash out whenever you want.

It is a free app, so you don’t need to worry. They have paid over $1.5 million in cash to winners according Google Play store reviews.

Over 116,000 reviews, and 1million downloads with a 4.5 star rating would tell you how useful and nice this app is to many users around the world.

To make money with this app, click here to download the app from Google play store.

2. Make Money – Free cash app

Top Money Making Apps to Make Money from Your Phone

This app claim to pay faster and better than any other app. All you need to do is to give your opinions, watch videos, test services, endorsement and more to make money.

The app is available for every country. It’s point system means that the more task you complete the more your points increase. You can cash your points via PayPal.

They only pay cash, they don’t offer rewards.

This app has an average star rating of 4.7 with over 373,000 reviews with 1 million downloads.

You can click here to download from Google Play store.

3. Cash Pirate

Cash pirate

This app rates over 4.5 star rating with 110,500 reviews. It is one of the highest rated money making apps on Google Play store, and has over I million downloads.

This app aims at helping you make money by downloading apps, playing games, watching videos, trying products, and completing surveys.

You also win points when you invite friends. You can cash out the points you earned through PayPal, or use your points as gift cards, or as mobile recharge. In other words, you can convert your points to cash and withdraw at your convenient.

The mobile recharge is available in over 120 countries of the world, for that, you can win free airtime for your internet data and calls.

To earn these points which can be exchanged for money, gift items, or airtime, cIick here to download this app. Make sure that you use this code: EIWZBH to get free 500 points.

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4. Toluna

Top money making phone app

It is about surveys, so if you love taking surveys then this app is good for you. Toluna gives rewards for taking surveys.

All you need is just to download this app and be among the surveyors using this app. Say what you think about a brand or other products around the world and get a reward.

The points you receive can be used in exchange for vouchers, products or money. Very simple.

Toluna is one of the most popular survey app companies in the world.

Over 1 million downloads with an average star rating of 3.3, with over 16,800 reviews.

Kindly, click here to download Toluna from Play store.

5. Foap

Money making app

This app lets you sell your photos and make money. You can take photos with your phone, upload it free with the app and get the opportunity to sell your photos to big companies like Pepsi, Nivea, Bank of America, Volvo group, Absolute vodka and many more.

They also help you to distribute your content through big platform like Getty images. You can create a portfolio and let your buyers from around the world see what you have to offer.

It is a free app with unlimited storage. You get 50% commission on your sales, with a $50 for every mission completed.

If you are searching for money making apps that allow you to sell photos and make money, then this app is a good one and the most popular and best of its kind.

It has over 1million downloads, and 3.8 Star rating with over 200-500 reviews.

You can click here to download this app from Google Play store.

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6. Swagbucks

The app is similar to Toluna, and pride itself as the best app that pays handsomely.

Swagbucks is among the popular survey company and gives you many options to make money. These options ranges from watching videos, shopping online, completing surveys and more.

But why this app may not likely work for you is that it is not available for Nigeria. It is mostly available to people in USA, Canada and some other countries of the world. You can try the app if you reside or visit any of the country where it is available.

It has over 1 million downloads in Google Play store with average star rating of 3.9, and 33,000 reviews.

You can click here to download this money making app from Google Play store.

7. Clickworker

Top Money Making Apps to Make Money from Your Phone

This is an app that let people make money online through data entry jobs and other exciting ways. You can do different jobs from your phone with this app to make money.

To begin, you will have to sign up as a clickworker on their website. You can click here to sign up. Then download the app on your phone.

Keep checking for different jobs and make money. You can make up to $10 per hour. Nothing is impossible.

Click here to sign up and download the app from Google Play store.

8. Google Opinion Rewards

The app was created by Google survey team . You only have to download this app on your mobile phone, provide all the information required.

After that Google team will send a list of surveys to you and you stand a chance to earn reward and play store credit.

There is over 10 million downloads of this app with an average number of 3.9 Star rating with over 640,000 reviews.

You can click here to download this app from Google Play store.

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9. Earn Extra Income

Earn extra income app

This app gives you details of other money making apps that you might have not heard of or come across. It is a nice app as it provides necessary Information about other money making apps like: Slogan Slinger, Fiverr, Blue mountain, and many more.

It has over 5million downloads with a 3.6 star rating and over 9000 reviews.

You can click here to download this app from Google Play store.

More list about money making apps will be added on this platform when we have more discoveries to keep you updated.

In case you have an idea about any money making app or have used any, we will be glad if you can tell us about it in the comment below.

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