How to start Snake farming business – Best guide ever

Snake farming is a highly profitable business that many people have overlooked because of the risk involve in handling it. In this article, we shall give you best guides on how to start snake farming business.

Anyone who dare to venture into snake farming will become very rich as it is highly lucrative and only few are into it. You can start snake farming business in Nigeria, Ghana, India, United States, China and some other countries.

The truth is that a lot of people are afraid of snakes, but if you gather courage to do this business, you will definitely make millions.

Once you start dealing with snakes you will eventually get used to it.

Why snake business?

Snake farming business is highly profitable because there has been an increasing demand for snake venom in the global market.

The Pharmaceutical companies spend millions of dollars every year to buy snakes venom which they use for drug productions.

There is an ongoing research on the use of snake venom to cure cancer. If this goes well, money spend for buying snakes will go into billions of dollars.

Snake venom are also used for other researches including to find antidote for snake bites.

There is undisputable fact that Pharmaceutical companies also use snakes gall bladders, livers and skin to make food supplements.

Snakes are also a good source of protein, so many people cook and eat it as meat.

Snakes (Python) skin is used in the fashion industry for production of different fashion items.

A brief look at the snake farming world

While snake farming is highly profitable, it is illegal to start snake farming in some places because of the risk involves. However, you will get many places where snake farming is legal because of its benefits to man.

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A small village in China, Zisiqiao makes over $13 million a year supplying snakes to Pharmaceutical companies. One of the snake farmers from the village, Fang Yin and his wife make over $60,000 a year.

He said “At first I was afraid and thought they were gross but now I’m used to all this.”

Surprisingly, Fang Yin is not the richest snake farmer in Zisiqiao village. The richest is Yang Hongchang who makes over $3 million a year from Snake farming business.

In a country like Nigeria, Snake farming is legal and lucrative as well. The richest snake farmer in Nigeria is Tukur Yusuf Buratai. His snake farm is located in Nassarawa state. He makes millions of Naira monthly and probably billions yearly from his snake farm business.

How to start Snake farming business

Below are step by step procedures to start Snake farming business;

1. Find out the legal requirement

Snake farming maybe legal or illegal depending on where you are. Therefore, you need to find out if it is legal in your location.

The legality is usually have nothing to do with country, it is by State. So, while it is legal in one state, it may be illegal in another state.

However, snake farming is likely to be illegal in a city with small land mass, because of the risk. Therefore, make sure it is legal where you want to start it before you run into trouble.

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2. Find a suitable location to build snake farm

You need a location that is suitable for snake farming. When picking a location, consider the safety of people living in that area. Therefore, it is advisable to set up your farm in an isolated area as to avoid human fatality.

While snake only react when threatened, it can also react when accidentally stepped upon. You should also consider the temperature. Snakes need a temperature of 24-29 degrees Celsius during the day and 21-24 degrees Celsius at night.

3. Procure snakes

You need to get snakes to put in your farm. You can employ local hunters who are good in catching snakes alive. Try to get as many species of snakes as possible especially species that are more lucrative.

Another way to get snakes is by buying directly from snake dealers. Find out if there is any snake dealer around you. If you are in Nigeria, you can go to Benin republic to get some snakes.

You can also get snakes from those who have already owned snake farms around you. Just ask around, you will surely see.

4. Feeding the snakes

Different species of snake eats different kind of food. Although, most of them will eat mice and other meat. They also feed on insects, rodents, birds, eggs, fish, frogs, lizards, toads, and so on.

A snakes usually eats about 4 mice, and only need to be fed every one month. Snakes like live meal, so feed them with it. Big snakes like Python might need more meal more that others.

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5. Cleaning snakes farm

If you keep your snakes in a cage, you need to clean it regularly. This is to yield high productivity as snakes need to be kept in conducive environment so as to prevent any health problems.

6. Selling your snakes

Selling your snakes is not a difficult task because there is a big market for it across the world. You can contact pharmaceutical companies or go to the internet to find buyers that will patronize you.

Also, you can contact fashion industries because they need snakes skin to make shoes, belts jackets, bags, and so on.

Another option is to supply to restaurants that serves snake meal.

If you have a strange snake specie, reach out to zoos, they may be interested to buy it.


We have learnt that snake farming is highly profitable, but it is also a dangerous business. So, always make sure you wear protective to prevent accidental bites.

Also, make sure that you have anti snake venom in case of bites. For every specie of snake you have, you should get anti venom for it.

Please, keep your snake farm away from the reach of children.


Snake farming business is a lucrative business, and it has the potential to make anyone rich since only few people are into the business. Where to make the biggest money in snake farming is from the pharmaceutical companies. Snaking farming is scaring, so only the fearless entrepreneurs should go into it.

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