Top 10 profitable businesses to start in Nigeria with 10k

– Top 10 profitable businesses to start in Nigeria with ₦10,000

Starting a business doesn’t mean you need to have hundreds of thousands or breaking a bank account.

There are businesses which you can start with a small amount of money, as low as ₦10,000 and still make a reasonable profit from it.

In this article, we’ll show you the list of 10 Lucrative businesses you can start with ₦10k and make lots of money.

Many people in Nigeria do not know there are businesses they can start with as little as ₦10,000 and make lots of money from it.

Actually, what matters in business is not how much you are starting up with, but how serious you are. Now, let’s look at profitable businesses to start in Nigeria with ₦10,000.

Top 10 profitable businesses to start in Nigeria ₦10,000

Below are top 10 profitable businesses to start in Nigeria with a small amount of money.

These businesses are easy to start, and do not require much capital for a start up start.

1. Dry Cleaning Service

This is the first in our list of top 10 lucrative businesses to start in Nigeria with ₦10,000.

Most often people need help to wash their clothes especially the working class category that are too busy or have little or time to wash.

You can start a dry cleaning business from your house, so you don’t really need to have a shop at the beginning. But as you grow, you can get a shop.

All you need to start dry cleaning business are; soaps, wash basins, starch, electric iron and water.

People will always get their clothes to you except for rich busy men who might not always have time. In that case you can give them your phone number to always call you whenever they need your service.

Make them understand you are doing your business, and not their stooge, therefore they need to pay for your service.

Although, some people think dry cleaning business is for ordinary people in Nigeria, but that is not true. It is a business, and you extra income doing it.

If you don’t have a washing machine, make use of your hands to wash the clothes, dry it the normal way and iron those that needs to be ironed.

2. Sewing Clothes

This is a fast growing business in Nigeria because people wear clothes daily for different occasions.

Therefore, people always search for the best fashion designers that can sew or design styles that will make them look good.

Having good skills in sewing is important for this business because people always look for those that can do it better.

To start this business, you do not have to own a shop, you can start from your house.

Having a shop doesn’t make you a good fashion designer likewise not having a shop doesn’t mean you are not good enough.

What counts is the skill and your creativity. If you want to engage yourself into sewing clothes, then it is always good to start with yourself first.

When you are convinced that you can sew wonderful clothes for yourself then you can sew for others.

Advertise your clothes by wearing them and when people see you, especially your family they would want you to sew for them.

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When they wear the cloth you sew for them and people see it on them, they would want to know where they made it.

3. Hair Care Service

It could be a hair dressing salon or a Babar shop, depending on the one you engage in.

With 10k, you can start a hair care business as long as you know how to make hair or scrap a hair nicely.

You can start small from your house by building a small kiosk.

Advertise your business by informing people around your vicinity, and on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp.

Post pictures and videos of different styles of your work. When people see your good work, they come for your service.

You can also render home service in most cases whereby customers cannot come to your shop to make hair or have a hair cut.

If you are good at both, then it is an added advantage. Barbing is not only for male, female can do it as well.

4. Food Restaurant

You cannot talk about top 10 profitable businesses to start with 10k without mentioning ‘food restaurant’.

People are always in search of a place to eat especially when they are in a hurry to go somewhere or busy at work.

They do not have the time to cook a descent meal. Cooking food is another profitable business you can embark on with 10k.

There are delicacy of food to cook but you only need to focus on a particular food to cook and sell.

If you put your time and strength to it your business will grow. Food such as eba/fufu and soup, beans, yam, rice and stew, jollof rice and many others are a list of food you can cook. No matter where you stay people will surely patronize you.

5. Beans Cake Production

Beans cake commonly known as “Akara” is a business anyone can start and make money with less than 10k.

People always have an assumption that selling of bean cake (Akara) is a business for the aged and the less privilege in the society. This is not true!

Making beans cake doesn’t cost much. It only requires the normal ingredients such as grinded beans, groundnut oil, onions, pepper and salt. You can add egg and milk to make it special.

Besides cooking ingredients, you also need frying pot, a big spoon for turning, pistol and mutter to mix it.

To produce bean cake in a commercial quantity it is advisable to stay in a conducive environment which could be in a kiosk or in a small concavity where you can set up your frying tools.

Most people pay specially attention to the environment before they buy, so maintain absolute hygienic condition.

Setting up your business close to a populated area such as a school or university will yield maximum profit.

Always ensure that your surroundings and frying tools are in a good state.

6. Cake craft

Knowing how to bake a cake is one of the extraordinary skills that one should have.

There are a variety of ways of making cake. With 10k in your hand you can start a business of cake making.

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The ingredients needed to bake cake are easy and expensive to afford. They include icing sugar, flour, flavor, butter, nutmeg, egg, sugar, baking powder, the fruits and baking tray.

An oven is preferably good for baking but when there is no oven, the gas or electric cooker and sand can produce the heat to bake the cake.

Using a much bigger pot, put the sand in the pot (the sand should be free from stone, clean and neat).

Let the sand heat before you mix the cake to enable the temperature of the sand rise. Rub butter in a baking tray then pour the mixture into the can.

The butter prevents the cake from sticking to the tray and for easy removal of the cake from the tray.

Cover the baking tray with aluminum foil to enable it rise evenly then place it inside the pot of hot sand and close the pot.

For a start you can bake cupcakes. Let people in your vicinity know that you bake.

You cake even give them a piece of the cupcake to taste. If it taste great, then they would come for more.

Take pictures of your work post on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp for your friends to see.

7. Bead production

These days, people, especially female wear beads that matches their dress to different places and for a different occasion.

Beads are very fashionable because they come in different colours, shapes and sizes.

Bead making is not so difficult once you become familiar with the procedures then you can make different bead designs.

It involves been creative and hardworking. You can start bead making with only 10k using your creative skills to plan beautiful styles with the beads and tools.

Exhibit your work online in different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, add your contact details so that people will see your work and contact you.

You can make home delivery as well when customers request for your product.

8. Fruit Merchandizing

People find it difficult to get fruits due to the long distance from home to the market as a result they purchase fruits in large quantities to sustain them for a while.

But fruits are perishable goods, especially when not preserved very well most often because of negligence they get spoilt.

With a minimum of 10k you can start selling fruits by buying fruits at a lesser price and selling at a higher price in areas difficult to get to recover the expanse incurred in transporting these fruits.

Selling fruits does not make you a lesser being in the society. No matter your occupation selling fruits is a business you can do to earn extra income.

Fruits are very essential to the body and everybody need to take fruits once in a while to stay healthy.

So, no matter your location, customers will surely come to buy fruits from you. The fruits you sell should always be in a good taste avoid selling fruits that are not attractive to the eye.

For example fruits such as apple, garden egg, tangerine, pear, oranges, pineapple, banana, cucumber, carrot, pear and so on should be cleaned or washed before displaying them for sale.

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You do not have to worry about which fruit to sell because fruits come in seasons. There will always be fruits for you to sell.

As a fruit seller you can make a fruit salad or fruit juice enclosed in a good containers and sell to customers to make additional profit.

9. Facial Beautification

Naturally women like to look beautiful. Most of them achieve this by making up, especially during ceremonies or social events.

But many are not too good at applying ‘make-up’, so they would seek the services of a make-up Artist to beautify them.

So, if you are good at make up, with as little as 10k, you can get the tools and start the businesses in a small scale.

Create awareness by letting people know, especially your friends and neighbours that you are a make-up Artist.

During a friend’s birthday party you can do a make up for that friend when others see it, they will want to know where and who did the makeup.

Through this you’ll get more contract. You can advertise your work on social media by making up yourself and looking good so that people will know how good and skillful you are at making up.

Someone might recommend you to a friend especially if the person is about to wed.

And if the job is done successfully you get more connection and your business will grow.

10. Nosh production

This is one of the top 10 lucrative businesses to start with as little as 10k.

Making snacks is not so complex as people think. Snack can be done with little effort and with as little as 10k one can make snacks that would yield a sizeable profit when sold.

Making snacks doesn’t take all day it only requires few hours to prepare.

The ingredients such as flour, groundnut oil, butter, sugar, egg and the tools can be gotten from the market at an affordable price.

With these ingredients you can make snack such as buns, puff, chips, egg roll, fish pie, spring roll, semosa and other varieties of snacks.

After making these snacks you can sell them anywhere starting from your locality. Many people love eating snacks because it’s something you can easily takes anywhere.

So customers of different age grade will always patronize your nosh anytime, anywhere.

Ensure that your physical appearance and environment is commendable as this will attract more customers.

Below is quick view

Top 10 profitable businesses to start in Nigeria ₦10,000

The list of businesses you can engage in are outlined below.

1. Dry-cleaning service
2. Sewing Clothes
3. Hair care service
4. Food restaurant
5. Beans cake production
6. Cake Craft
7. Bead Production
8. Fruit Merchandising
9. Facial Beautification
10. Nosh production.


Above are top 10 profitable businesses to start with as little as 10k and make a lot of money. We hope you have considered which of businesses to start?

The choice is yours and if you already have a job, you can squeeze out time to start engage in any of the businesses to earn extra income.

Over to you! If you have any question or contribution, use the comment section below.

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