NYSC mobilization process – Step by step


NYSC mobilization process – Step by step

Below are the process of NYSC mobilization exercise;

1. Clearance in school: NYSC mobilization starts right from this point. Graduates are expected to complete their final clearance in their respective institutions.

2. Get your statement of results:
After completing your final clearance, next is to get your statement of results. Statement of results will be needed for registration in the NYSC Orientation Camp.

3. Sign up for NYSC: While waiting for your statement of result to be ready, you should proceed to register for NYSC at the Students’ Affairs Directorate in your school.

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4. Verify your name on JAMB Matriculation list, It’s important to verify your name on the JAMB matriculated list. If your name is not on this list, you will not be able to register for NYSC.

5. Verify your name on the Senate list: Your institution will upload names of those who are eligible to serve on the NYSC portal. After they have uploaded the list, proceed to verify your name.

6. NYSC online registration: Only those whose names are on the NYSC Senate list will be eligible to register for NYSC.

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7. Print NYSC Call up letter:After NYSC online registration, next is to wait for NYSC call up letter to be out. This letter will show you the state NYSC deployed you, date to report and other vital information.

8. Get the required documents: Make sure all your documents are ready, because you need them in NYSC Orientation Camp for registration.

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