11 Ways you can Make Money Successfully as a Student in Nigeria

Schooling is a very important stage in ones life, especially when the person has secured admission into tertiary institution.

At this phase the expenses of such an individual has increased, of which the available funds won’t carter for all the needs.

Although parents always attend to the important need of their children (wards) in school, but there is restriction to what they will attend to.

They can focus solely on the basic ones which includes; school fees, accommodation fee, books and feeding. So in a situation whereby the student wants new wears, special food/treats, entertainment etc. the parents won’t in anyway solve such demand from the child..

This then made most student seek for a possible means of making money while in school.

How to make money successful as a student

Some of the genuine ways to make money while in school are;

1. Teaching in Private own Schools

Most private schools, especially primary schools gives opportunity to students to work as staff in their school.

Sometimes the student resume work after his lectures for the day or resume during lesson hours depending on his semester time table and the agreement with the school where he/she works.

This is someone stressful but if the student doesn’t have much work load for that semester, it will be a better source of making money while in school.

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2. Tutoring Junior colleague

Some group of students most times do come together to put their junior colleagues through with some main courses that troubles them.

This in most tertiary institution is tagged “Tutorial” and it is carried out on daily basis after the days lecture or during weekends.

Tutorial offered by fellow students and past senior colleague has helped a lot of students to boost their academic performance and also brought money to the pocket of this running the lecture.

It is a reliable means of making genuine money while in school, and doesn’t necessarily mean you must have more than one person to lecture.

3. Marketing Job

Marketing of products is one of the ways a student can make money while in school. It require the movement of the marketer carrying the product around to seek for buyers. The outcome of marketing business depend on the product.

4. Shop Attendant

One of the easiest means to generate money while in school is been a sales boy or girl in a shop. The payment gotten from such jobs is usually done by the end of the month.

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5. Personal Skills/ Handwork

Most student learnt a skill before securing admission into higher institution. Such skills which includes Hair plaiting, barbing, tailoring, decoration, etc. can fetch the student money while in school as people will definitely need their service often.

6. Writing of Course Papers

Some student survive with this work, as they help arrange the paper work and abstracts of fellow students who require their services.

A particular paper work can fetch one good cash but there is great competition in rendering this service, as a lot of persons venture into it and are willing to collect lesser offer.

7. Working as a Courier Officer

There are firms who accept students as part time workers to help delivery goods/items. They expect the student in question to have well knowledge about the city he/she will be working.

8. Cab Service

This is something that can be done in the evening after all the days school activities. It is usually done by male students.

9. Working in Fast food restaurants

This is another business that seek the service of young workers. As a student u can apply in any fast food restaurant around you school and earn money on monthly basis.

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10. Working in a cafe

You barely see a school environment without a computer centre. This is one business that pays in school area, and as a student with computer knowledge it will be a nice job to do to get extra income.

11. Creating a blog

It is now so easy for an individual to own and manage a blog/website without having knowledge on how to manage it. Its a recommended path to invest in, especially if you know the right niche to opt into.

It is not that too easy to manage a blog/website and start earning immediately, as it needs dedication, resources and time which eventually pays at the end.

These are some of the possible ways to have legit income while in school. There are several other ways that students used to get extra income that aren’t good e.g casino, pyramid schemes, etc. such ways can even make one end up facing the law if care is not taken.

Therefore, it is advisable to venture into genuine businesses like the ones cited in this post and successfully make cool money without fear of the law.

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