3 Lucrative Businesses in Nigeria to Make Serious Money

Nigeria is a land of milk and honey but the trouble with most Nigerians is that they find it difficult to see what surround them. In this article, I will show you online businesses in Nigeria that can make you a millionaire in shortest possible time.

Over the year, I have attempted to help those that required additional push to wake up from sleep and make money online.

Very few of them responded, and have taken the bull by the horn, while most are still reluctant.

There are many online business opportunities in Nigeria, but I shall focus on 3 businesses in Nigeria that can make you a millionaire.

However, there is no guarantee you will make lots of money from these businesses because your success depends on how serious you are.

My primary purpose to show you these quality online businesses in Nigeria that can generate lots of income even while you are asleep.

Please, note that reading without taking action is of no use. And if you are to take any action try to be serious about it. You will surely make it.

3 online businesses in Nigeria to make lots of money

1. Drop shipping

In Nigeria, drop shipping is inarguably, the best type of online retail sales. Now, the question is, ‘how does drop shipping work’?

Most people you must have seen advertising products on social media and other places are never the producers neither do they have stocks for the products. These folks are simply into drop shipping business and most of them are millionaires.

They can post adverts of items they sell, but they don’t have stock for those items, neither are they the producers nor wholesalers.

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When a buyer orders for the goods they claimed to be selling and pay them, they will secretly contact the real producer and order thesame product for the customer at cheap rate. Then the producer will ship the products to the buyer.

They collect money and also the buyer’s contact details, and use it to make order for the buyer. The producer will make shipping arrangements and deliver the ordered goods to the customer.

They don’t even see the product nor stress themselves for delivery. Producers do most of the work, where their own is just to find a customer.

The main difference between drop shipping and ordinary retail sales is that in drop shipping, you don’t have to stock goods. Rather, you buy from the producers or wholesalers on behalf of your clients.

Why you should start drop shipping business

  • Little start up capital

Drop shipping business is not capital intensive. You can start it with a small amount of money.

This wouldn’t have cost a dime, but you need little amount of money to create e-commerce website since it is necessary for drop shipping business.

It is possible to start an online store without spending intensely on inventories.
In drop shipping business, you don’t need to buy products except if a customer has made payment, and you are actually buying it for customer while taking you own profits.

  • Simple to begin

Drop shipping business is easy to start. All you need is an online store, and when a purchase is made, you can quickly order for goods to be sent to the buyer.

  • It requires no location

Since drop shipping is an internet based business, you can start online store on the internet and operate anywhere with your Computer or smartphone. Also, you can easily interact with your suppliers and customers.

  • Variety of products selection
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Since you don’t have to stock up goods, you can sell a variety of products in your suppliers’ stock which you can order.

  • It is profitable

Drop shipping is inarguably one of most profitable online businesses in Nigeria. Imagine being exposed to customers all over the world. You can make profits in hard currencies. Imagine being in Nigeria, and order goods from a company in US for a buyer in Germany.

Although, there are so many other benefits in drop shipping but I will stop here.
You need somebody to direct you through the learning procedure, as it has its own complexities.

2. Affiliate Marketing

In some ways, affiliate marketing and drop shipping are related but they are never the same.

You can become a millionaire through affiliate marketing if you know the intricate details of the business.

The key to success in affiliate marketing is not having the hypothetical knowledge about the business. But it is staying in the business for long and knowing how it works.

Affiliate Marketing is all about promoting another person’s products, and directing buyers to buy the product through an affiliate link that assigned to you by the person who owns that product you are promoting. And you will be given a commission for every sale made through your affiliate link.

One good thing about affiliate marketing is that you can make a lot of money even while asleep.

You don’t have to be awake to process customers’ orders as in drop shipping business.

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There are 3 key players in Affiliate Marketing business in Nigeria.

  • Producer: This is the person who owns the business
  • Middleman: He is the person who promotes the business (you).
  • Target Audience: They are the people you want to buy the Producer’s products through you.

If you want to become an affiliate marketer, there are affiliate networks you can register with such as;

  • Amazon
  • Clickbank
  • Convertkit
  • Shareasale
  • Commission Junction, and so on.

3. Mini Importation business in Nigeria

In all honesty, this is one of the best paid online business in Nigeria.

You can make lots of money through mini importation, and there is no special skill required. Your profits can runs in millions of Naira by importing goods at a cheap rate and sell at a high price.

To become successful in mini importation business, you need to know very well how the business works. One way to know this is by enrolling in our online course another way is by meeting those already into it and learn from them.

There are three major things to consider before starting a mini importation business in Nigeria. They are;

  • Sizes of products: Not all goods are considered as mini goods.
  • Where to buy: There are a lot of online stores you can order your goods, so find one that suit you most
  • Target Audience: After importing good. Who are you going to sell to?

All these you should have answers to before you delve into mini-importation business.

These three businesses above have been proven to be profitable online businesses in Nigeria.

If you have anything to say or a question to ask, kindly use the comment section below.

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