Making Above 400,000 Naira From Metal Scrap Business


Making Above 400,000 Naira From Metal Scrap Business .Are you informed that scrap metal and aluminum merchandise business is a big goldmine. What always comes to your mind whenever you see those young boys especially from North hunting for scrap metal and aluminum in your area?

You often say in your mind “What an hungry scavengers “. You better think furthermore. Those men you see as hungry are in fact making serious money while you are throwing mercy party. You do not have to roll yourself in dust bin,if that is what you are afraid of.

You can do it in a corporate means if you like but the important thing is that you are going to make plenty of money from it. The importance of this post is to educate you on how to begin your own metal scrap and aluminum business anywhere in Nigeria and make an average of 400,000 to a whopping sum of 1million monthly.

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You would not only learn how to begin metal supply in Nigeria as another great source of revenue but you would also be creating jobs for other youths around you.

With the compete fall of iron mining areas in the country,steel factories and rolling companies have no other option than to turn waste metal and aluminum as great options which is even cheaper.

As an outcome ,more ordinary people are making a living if supplying these materials to them and maintaining the environment clean at the same time. If you can gather metal,copper or aluminium in good amount through any reasonable means,be sure of good money.

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You wouldn’t even want to transport it because the companies you supply for will come and carry it themselves. Yours is to take payment after sales.

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The metal is measured in weight and each weight has a given price.

1 Ton of Metal= 35,000 naira – 40,000 naira.

10 Ton or Trailer load of Metal- 350,000 naira -400,000 naira

1Ton of Aluminum- 130,000 naira

10Tons of Aluminum- 1,300,000 naira

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What are the categories of metals to supply;

Anything named aluminum and iron metal scraps is a reasonable deal.

Scrap machinery from electrical equipments

Aluminum zinc of all kind

Electrical wire of all kind

Scrap auto-spare parts of all kind

Scrap ship or plane parts

Scrap beams,rods.

The following companies buy this stuff in great number at anytime of the year;

1)Metal Recycling Industry-situated at Shagamu-Ikorodu road, ogijo district

2)Nigerian Foundaries Limited- Has two plants,one at Iluleju,Lagos and its headquarters at Sango-Otta,Ogun State.


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