Why Some Applicants Can’t Access The Verification Page of Npower

Are you an applicant of the Npower Batch C recruitment, and having difficulties in Accessing the Portal/verification page? If ‘yes’, it definitely means you are on the right post.

Ever since the information came that some Npower Batch C applicants had successfully passed the current stage of the recruitment, awaiting the verification phase where they are expected to enroll their fingerprints/thumbprints, the Nasims portal has being so difficult to access.

As a result of this, affected applicants then thought it could be their login details, or other underlying issue that is causing them troubles to check their verification status.
From our own observations and findings, we have being able to come out with the possible reasons why most applicants can’t access the Nasims portal.

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It is actually not due to wrong login details, as your details might be correct. The major reasons why some of the prospective Batch C’ applicants can’t access the portal is as follows;

  1. Currently, applicants trying to access the portal are much of which the site might not respond so fast as a result of too much traffic. The only solution to this is having a very strong network (internet access) to enable you beat the glitch caused by the massive traffic.

  2. It could be that the browser such applicant is using isn’t that efficient to beat the massive traffic. In such a case, affected applicant(s) are advised to use other stronger browser to gain access to the portal, and login to check their verification status.

  3. Most phone are designed in a way that whenever their storage is full, they will be limited to carryout some task with the very phone. It is therefore advisable that such person should endeavor to clear their phone storage, so as to create some space in the phone before attempting to open the Nasims portal.

  4. For the fact that there are different categories in the program (i.e Graduate and non-graduate), it could be that some category are being denied access due to the fact that the management team is still working on theirs.

  5. It could also be that the screening is being done in batches, and only the batch cleared are allowed to access their profiles, to avoid crashing the webpage. Hence, those who manage to force their way to their profiles are being asked to ‘Check back later’.

  6. Lastly, there is also a possibility that the management team is working on the portal, so it can serve all applicants effectively.

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Note: For the fact that it’s a general issue, applicants are hereby encouraged to be patient enough, as they wait for their profile to be unlocked before attempting to login. Changing password, or making other attempts aside the ones we have compiled in this post won’t help in any better.

Kindly share this information with friends and relatives who must have applied for the Npower Batch C recruitment exercise, so they can be aware.

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